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Basement Renovations

Envision the Basement of Your Dreams

All About Basement Renovations

Basement Renovation and finishing is a wonderful way to make use of an area of your house that may not always be used. Why leave such a large portion of your home uninhabitable? We at Z&M General Contracting custom design and build your basement into a unique and functional part of your home. Our Basement Renovation teams work hard and fast to ensure we complete your basement renovation in record time, while maintaining precise accuracy.

Finished basements are not only a great tool to increase your usable area in your home, but they can be a great way to earn some supplementary income. Create rental units in your basement to maximize your return from your home. Monthly revenue from rental is one of the largest reasons most people look for basement renovations.

Basement Renovations will also increase the overall value of your home. If you are not renting out your finished basement, there are still ways to make money on on your basement renovations. A home with a finished basement has increase value in the eyes of future buyers.  This increase can be greater than the cost of your basement renovations.

What Do Basement Renovations Entail?

The thought of Basement Renovations can be overwhelming to some people. We want you to rest easy knowing our experts are on the job.

Our Services extend from:

  • Full Basement Finishings
  • Basement refloring
  • Flood Management
  • Separate Entrance Creation
  • And Much much more!

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Basement Renovations and Finishing

At Z&M General Contracting, we walk you through every step of the way. From designing your new basement, to helping with design, we do it all. Along with our Basement Renovation specialists, we have also established relationships with wholesalers, moving companies, and people within many other industries. Our desire is to ensure you have all the expertise in one easy to find place. Our Renovators have special relationships with wholesalers to ensure you get the best price in all of the fixtures, and finishings you desire.

A Little Bit About Basements and Basement Renovations

A basement is a part of a commercial or residential structure that consists of rooms that are at most or completely below the level of the ground. Benefits of having a basement include:

The value of your home is maximized – there will be a time that your property will be put on the market. Having a basement will make your listing so much attractive.

  • The sturdiness of below-grade space makes it ideal for protection from intense flood resulting from rainwater and melting snow

  • Can be converted into a suite extension – perfect for a growing family or just simply to bring in some income

  • Provides easy maintenance access and protection for electrical, plumbing and duct systems

  • Safety space area during the extreme weather such as intense cold in winter and ultra heat in summer


3 Facts About Basements Every Canadian Homeowner Should be Aware of

  • Water seepage – this is one of the most common problems after the rain especially in the monsoon seasons, spring and autumn, where heavy rain issues turn out to be most critical in these periods.

  • A lair for disease-causing microorganisms. When there is moisture, there are fungi, mosquitoes, and bacteria. These agents cause damages to human respiratory and immune systems as well as the skin and blood.

  • Wasting money by means of paying unused square footage. Basement can be mostly unused when people are discouraged to repair or renovate a heavily damaged area or for those who have challenges having to do with mobility.

How to Strengthen The Value, Appearance, And Condition of Your Basement

Why leave a very important area of your home inhabitable? Are you worried about how much would it totally cost? Or are you having hesitations hiring a good contractor? These questions would mostly generate in your mind eventually. We at Z&M General Contracting excel when it comes to turning every basement into a unique and functional part of your home. We are well versed at providing basement renovation, finishing, custom design, building, and other general contracting services. We focus on finishing every basement renovation project in record time without compromising quality. 

Finished basements do not only add new functions to your home such as more area coverage for storage; bedrooms; and space to entertain but it can also be a good investment. There is a return on investment for a basement project – one of the most common reasons people look after a basement renovation by gaining monthly revenue from rentals.

A well-renovated basement catches the eye of potential buyers. Increasing the value of your basement will make your listing so much attractive.

What Do Basement Renovations Bring About?

An important, yet unpleasant aspect of having a basement is constant maintenance, repair, or one-time renovation. Rest assured that we, at Z&M General Contracting, focus on attending to your all basement renovation needs. Let our reputable experts handle the job.

Our Services Include:

  • Full basement finishing – we ensure that we check any water issues before beginning the planning process. Some of the obvious signs are pools of water; drips coming through the below-grade walls; and cracks; to name a few. We repair the damage if necessary before proceeding.
  • Basement floor replacement – from prepping to installing new floors, we make sure that everything is systematically and diligently done. Basement floors take a lot of abuse. They have to endure the weight of all heavy furniture and foot traffic. That is why we focus on making the basement floors more durable.
  • Flood management – we don’t want your carpet to turn into a massive moldy sponge. Your basement is not done without proper flood management. You need layers of protection for the adequate safety of your basement and property.
  • Separate entrance creation – we just don’t install a new basement entrance. We plan it strategically to create efficient access.
  • And much more!

Basement Renovation and Finishing

If you are on the lookout for true basement specialists who focus on maintaining quality work and customer satisfaction, you can find us here at Z&M General Contracting. Whether you need a full design, finishing or remodeling of your basement, we walk you through every process of the way. Aside from our basement renovation professionals, we also have partnerships with the moving companies, wholesalers, and other professionals from the other industries to ensure you will get the best price possible in all the basement needs you desire. We are committed to ensuring our valued clients have all the experts in one easy to find a place.

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