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General Contracting Services

We Can Renovate and Help Improve any Part of Your Home

General Renovations

As our name suggest, Z&M General Contracting started as an all in one contracting solution. We began our journey with all basement and home renovations. We realized that small fixes to a home could greatly increase the value of the property prior to selling it. Therefore we began on our own homes making simple changes and continued to grow from there. Our goal become to help others who wanted to sell their homes get the most out of their property through a few general renovation tricks.

One of the most important and noticeable features of a home is paint! Many people know that lighter colours make a room look larger. While true, it is important not to make a home look steril. Simple homely colour and accents make a room look personable and give character to a living space. Our expert painters can help you pick the right colours, and seamlessly paint your home.

Alternatively for those who have a slightly larger budget, changing the flooring of your home can make an extremely impactful difference. Get rid of your old carpet and replace it with new hardwood flooring. Not only can we find you great deals on all your flooring needs, but our expert contractors will remove your old flooring and replace it with pure precision and speed. We also provide tiling, laminate and carpeting services.

What are General Contracting Services?

Our general contracting services are extensive. We provide home, condo, cottage and office renovation services to a most of the GTA. Some of our other General Contracting Services include:


  • Lighting
  • Flooring and Painting
  • Crown Molding and Wainscoting
  • Custom Home Doors
  • Garage Doors and Openers

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Adding Value with General Contracting

Have you ever walked into a home, seen intricate crown molding, and thought to yourself “I want that”? Or seen a beautiful custom front door in your neighbourhood? These small upgrades can make a drastic difference to the appearance of your home. Our General contracting services include all the upgrades that a builder may offer you, but we provide them at a tenth of the price. At Z&M General Contracting we can service all your contracting needs.

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