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Kitchen Renovations

Let Us Inspire You with the Kitchen of Your Dreams

What to Think About When Doing Kitchen Renovations

Every kitchen needs to flow.One of the largest mistakes people make when renovating their kitchen is appliance placement. At Z&M General Contracting, we make sure that every Kitchen Renovation we do is 100% economical and organized. We know the maximum recommended distance between appliances, ensuring that your kitchen functionality remains flawless.

Once you have picked the perfect placement for your appliances, you need to ensure that they fit perfectly into your new kitchen. Whether you are purchasing new appliances, or building your kitchen around appliance you already own, it is vital that each has enough space to fit correctly. If the kitchen renovation is not done correctly, the entire kitchen can look choppy and unprofessional.

Another very common reason for Kitchen Renovations is storage space. There is never too much storage room in a kitchen. However division of large, and small storage space is essential to the utility of a kitchen. Our expert kitchen Renovators will make sure there is an optimal division of storage space in your new kitchen.

What Kitchen Renovations Do I need?

Most people spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Whether it is time with family, or for the purposes of entertainment, the Kitchen is likely one of the most used rooms in your home.


Z&M General Contracting performs a variety of kitchen renovations including:


  • Islands & Counter Tops
  • Appliance relocating
  • Custom Cabinetry
  • Ventilation
  • Sinks and faucet installation

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Kitchen Renovations on your Budget

While the kitchen renovations are the most popular forms of home renovation, it is also generally the most expensive. At Z&M General Contracting, we work to hard stay within your budget, offering top quality products and service at competitive prices. We bring you top quality work at the best value. We understand that everyone wants their dream home and we aim at providing the greatest experience possible.

Kitchen Renovations with Z&M General Contracting

Adding Value, Adding Vision. Let’s Re-build Your Dream Kitchen Together

 The kitchen is one of the most valuable parts of a home. Many residential kitchens are typically equipped with furniture and appliances. The design and construction of kitchens are some of the demanding works all over the world. Main functions of a kitchen are: 

  • Cooking – is the primary reason why every home has a kitchen. When your kitchen is out-of-whack, you might feel out-of-whack as well which affects your mood and performance in cooking.

  • Food Storage – a kitchen is like a bank, where you withdraw and deposit your food. Picture out a kitchen that is small in size. Organizing food contents gets even tougher.

  • Meal Preparation – consider your kitchen as a strict sanitary area. Prepping meals is one of the most controversial works. It involves good presentation and cleanliness which are unachievable if you have a non-functioning kitchen.

  • Dishwashing – this involves great organization. Where to put kitchen tools when wet or dry? Do you have to mix dishes and spoons after washing? Z&M General Contracting will help to organize kitchens strategically.


 Thoughts on Maximizing Kitchen Functions 

  • Advance planning – let’s have an idea that for example, you are a normal kitchen buddy with a bountiful collection of spices. Why not install a pull-out rack to store that stock instead of consuming a cabinet space that is too tall and far? Z&M General Contracting will give you an opportunity to re-think the kitchen space to fit your own lifestyle. 
  • Good lighting – do you have a big kitchen but it seems to be small? Confusing right? Lighting plays a big role in this. By maximizing natural light, it will make a kitchen area feel bigger. 
  • Maximize cabinet function – a dead space is something that you fit-in your body to reach something in the far end of the bottom cabinet. Of course, we won’t allow that. We will transform that useless space into something that all things will be within reach. 
  • Declutter – decluttering is a challenge when you have a small kitchen. Having not enough storage will end up making countertop spaces being used to store food items, utensils, and so on. We’ll be going to eliminate this problem by strategically installing storage. 
  • Immerse the fridge into the wall – we will help you recede this bulky appliance into the wall behind it. This can improve traffic, add a little bit of space, and have a cleaner and finished look of your kitchen.


What to Consider About When Remodeling a Kitchen

Without proper planning, homeowners do major mistakes by not thinking about appliance placement. We at Z&M General Contracting are committed to ensuring that every kitchen we remodel is 100% organized and economical. Every kitchen needs to flow well, that is why we study the maximum recommended distance between appliances. This ensures the kitchen’s functionality is at its peak. 

We will be going to turn your entire kitchen professional looking. We let you pick the perfect placement for your appliances, all we do is suggest and take action by making sure that it will be harmoniously fit into your kitchen. Every appliance must have enough space whether it is a newly purchased or already owned. 

Organizing kitchen tools and food gets even tougher. One of the reasons why kitchen renovations are common – to organize extra storage space. Our kitchen remodeling professionals are well versed when it comes to creating an optimal division of storage space in every kitchen.

 Do I Really Need My Kitchen to be Renovated? 

Along with meal preparation and food storage, the kitchen is also used for the purpose of entertainment. Therefore, it is most likely one of the most used areas of your home as people spend most of their time in their kitchens.  

With a lot of people using the kitchen, the more abused the kitchen parts are. The team at Z&M General Contracting is proficient in handling these kinds of projects. We diligently and systematically provide a wide range of kitchen renovation services including: 

  • Sink and faucet installation
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Island & countertop building
  • Appliance relocation
  • Ventilation

Affordable Kitchen Renovations 

One of the most popular and expensive areas of remodeling a home is the kitchen. At Z&M General Contracting, we provide quality kitchen contracting services at competitive prices. Our general contracting professionals focus on maintaining quality renovation work using the best value products while staying within your budget. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes making us committed to understanding our clients’ need in building their dream home in a budget within their reach.

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